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Where to get Credit SCORE?

By Terry Savage on April 19, 2016 | Credit/Debt

You always say the best source to check your credit report is AnnualCreditReport.com, but it’s states on their website that they don’t provide credit scores. My question is – what is the best source to get your actual credit score? Thank you.

Terry Says:  You’re right.  Credit scores are not all the same, and only the “Vantage Score” is created by credit bureaus.  The “original” (sounds like a Pancake House!) credit score came from the FairIsaac Company and thus has the name “FICO” score.  You can get it at www.MyFICO.com, but you will have to pay.  Their latest product costs $29.95 per month– but you can get your score and be sure to cancel after the first payment!     There are actually several different FICO scores, and this new product compiles the ones most often used by lenders, insurance companies, etc.  It’s the one I would choose to pay for.

You can also get your credit score free at CreditKarma.com.  And if you have a Discover card you get your score free every month on your bill.  I just talked with a woman who got her credit score from each of these places and found a 100 point difference!   All were done on the same day.  I couldn’t explain that!



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