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Antiques & Coins

By Terry Savage on July 05, 2024 | Wild Card

Hi Terry,
Do you have any recommendations on a reputable antique dealer? And do you have reputable company/person you’d recommend to evaluate old coins/coin sets?

Thank you!

Terry Says

Coins do indeed require a reputable dealer, one who will let you know if you have a “hidden treasure”!  In Chicago, I always recommend Harlan J Berk Coins on N. Clark Street.  If you live elsewhere, find a reputable dealer at the website of  the American Numismatic Association Coin Collecting and Numismatics : American Numismatic Association (

Antiques is a bit more difficult for me to recommend.  A lot depends on the actual item.  Is it furniture, china, jewelry, glassware.  Maybe start with some comparisons on eBay for pricing.  But for more expensive items, the auction houses typically have days where they will give estimates to people who are considering selling.  In the Chicago area, I’d start with Hindman Auctions & Private Sales | Fine Art, Antiques, Jewelry & More



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