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Applying for Social Security

By Terry Savage on April 22, 2024 | Insurance & Annuities

I will be turning 65 in September 2024. Even though I will continue working for some time and carry my employer medical plan with an HSA account and 401k. I understand that I need to apply for Social Security Part A, but can delay receiving benefits. However, I also read something that I did not know about. If I apply for Social Security, an article I read said that if I apply for Social Security, I could no longer contribute to my HSA. Is that accurate? Thank you.

Terry Says

You probably read that in one of my columns! Yes, that’s correct. Andso, if your company does not REQUIRE you to sign up for Part A (and check with your HR department because some companies do require SS as a primary hospital payer), then don’t do it until you lose your company insurance through retirement!



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