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Best credit card with rewards

By Terry Savage on November 30, 2018 | Credit/Debt

Hi terry. I am 37 years old, don’t travel much, but looking to opening a credit card that has some sort of rewards/payback/points for purchases. Not sure if one with an annual fee is worth it or which would be the best. I use credit to pay for things all the time, no credit card debt, currently using a target Visa card that doesn’t benefit me at all.
Thank you for your time!

Terry Says

You’re smart to think about getting the most for your money.  There are all types of reward cards — those that help with travel, or add money to a college account, or support charities.  But from what you’ve described, I think you would like a “cash-back” rewards card.

The best place to search for the “best” rewards card in every category is  Here’s a link to their “best rewards card” feature.



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