Ask Terry Questions Best Credit and Debit Card for International Travel

Best Credit and Debit Card for International Travel

By Terry Savage on January 09, 2018 | Credit/Debt

Hi Terry, I have been trying to find a credit card and debit card that would be best to use while I travel internationally (1-2 times per year). I am looking for a credit card with no foreign transaction fees and decent rewards. Ideally, the credit card would be my main card to use all the time (at home and while traveling), whereas the debit card would only be used when I am abroad. In the past, I had both with Bank of America but poor customer service and other debacles are leading me to look elsewhere. Do you have any ideas? Thanks! Sarah

Terry Says

Well, your debit card must link to your bank account -- unless you want to create a "secured card" by depositing a large amount in a new bank account with an attached debit card.  That would protect against any losses from overdrafts, since your debit/credit limit would be the amount you have deposited into this account.  You can find a list of "secured cards" here at    Typically there are no fees for foreign debit withdrawals; instead they get paid by charging you more on the exchange rate!  But definitely ask about foreign transaction fees before opening a new debt card. As for credit cards with no fees for foreign purchases, you'll find a list of them at this link at  Some offer rewards, others have lower annual fees, so you'll have to choose between them.



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