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Best secured cards after a chapter 7 discharge

By Terry Savage on October 08, 2016 | Credit/Debt

I was wondering what would be the best secured credit to apply for after a Chapter 7 discharge ?

Terry Says

That depends on how much money you have to put on deposit, and whether you plan to pay it off in full each month -- which you should definitely do in order to re-establish your credit.  Read this article at Bankrate.com and then click to see your choices of individual cards.  It should obviously be a VISA or MasterCard that will report your new, better payment habits to the credit bureaus.  Then you will start receiving other card offers.  But beware of starting down the track of having more than one card, or of making only minimum monthly payments!  That could get you right back in trouble again, assuming that your Chapter 7 was caused by overspending and not some more calamitous and unavoidable event!



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