Ask Terry Questions Budgeting for beginners

Budgeting for beginners

By Terry Savage on October 16, 2019 | Credit/Debt

Hi Terry!

I am just starting out with budgeting and am so overwhelmed. Where can I begin?

Terry Says

I’ll give you two easy ways to manage that dreaded budget.

If you’re willing to do it on your computer, go to and download the program onto your computer, where it will guide you through the process of tracking your current spending (even if done by credit card or debit card) and then setting up categories, and showing you how to budget.  It’s all safe and secure, and easily links to your bank.

Do you want to do it the comforting, old fashioned way?  There is a fantastic book by Judy Lawrence The Budget Kit–The Common Cents Money Management Workbook.   It makes money and budgeting easy, and even fun! Here’s a link to it on Amazon. 



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