Ask Terry Questions Bundling house and car insurance

Bundling house and car insurance

By Terry Savage on January 29, 2024 | Insurance & Annuities

Hi Terry. Thank you for your expert advice. We’ve had house and auto insurance from Nationwide through AARP for at least 15 yrs. They say I have all the discounts available. Never had a claim. I’m 72, my wife 71. So why are my premiums up over $1000 in 2 years? Any websites to compare costs? We live in a safe neighborhood in Chicago. Please help. Thank you

Terry Says

ALL insurance is going up! But contact your agent at Nationwide. Ask about low mileage discounts, which can really help. Go through the entire analysis to see if you can reduce your bill.
YOu could cut your premium by raising your deductibles, but that might leave you vulnerable if an accident/theft happens. Your agent will show you potential savings, just take the time to do it!

If you have a long time relationship with your insurance company, you’ll likely be better off staying there.



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