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Canceling credit cards

By Terry Savage on May 09, 2016 | Credit/Debt

Hi Terry I am finally at the point that I have paid off all my credit cards However I have way too many bank and store credit cards How do I go about canceling some of these cars without ruining my credit score

Terry Says:  First, congratulations on reaching that point.  Just posting this will inspire others.  You have to be careful now about closing the accounts.  You’ll want to keep the credit card you have had the longest, because part of your credit score is based on longevity of credit.  Then figure out which cards are most expensive in terms of annual fees, which charge the highest interest rates on balances (which you won’t carry any more!) and which give you the rewards you value most.  Then keep the two or three cards that you think will best serve your needs.

You can write to the card issuer and request that the least attractive cards based on the above decision points be closed.  Ask that they report it to the credit bureau that the account was closed at YOUR request.  Then check your credit report to see if that has been noted.  If they failed to do that, you can attach a statement to your credit report saying that you are now on top of your credit situation and have proactively closed one or more accounts.



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