Ask Terry Questions Cancellation of a new annuity contd

Cancellation of a new annuity contd

By Terry Savage on October 21, 2023 | Insurance & Annuities

I called the insurance company where the application for the new annuity was sent and I was informed by two representatives ( customer service and new clients department) that the application was canceled. I was happy because I said I was calling in that regard.
They were not able to tell me why and who did cancel it but I was happy with the answer.
However, the next day which is today 10/20, the agent left a voicemail for me assuring me that the process with the annuity is going forward and he just informing me that everything is progressing.
I am very confused and nervous because I don’t want the grace period to expire and the contract to be issued since I was was simply deceived by the agent who was contacting me saying that he wanted to discuss the annuity which he was the agent on. I was shocked that he quickly called other company regarding my other annuity and at the same time processing a new application.

Terry Says

Would you write back to this email, and give me more details and your phone number. We will call the agent together and make sure this is handled properly.



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