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Cleaning my credit

By Terry Savage on February 17, 2018 | Credit/Debt

Hello Terry. I got divorced 8 years ago and due to this l had foreclose and credit card debt. My husband never made any effort to pay any balances and l had been struggling ever since. Some of my debt is older than 8 years and l want to know how can l clear items from my report or how can l improve my credit score?

Terry Says

You need someone to guide you through getting your credit report from the three bureaus, and helping you to figure out what stuff will automatically "fall off" in 7-10 years, and what stuff is constantly being a drag on your credit because your ex-husband is still in arrears.  Your credit report should have been separated from his, for an ongoing basis, at the time of your divorce.  I'm going to suggest you call 800-388-2227, which will connect you to the nearest local office of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.  You can trust them, and it will be free or very low cost.  They can advise you on an individual basis.  But do write back if you still have questions.



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