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College loans debt refinancing?

By Terry Savage on November 25, 2015 | College Savings / Student Loans

We have $100,000 in college loan debt. Where can we get the best interest to pay this off? Also, would you recommend using our home equity line to pay the loan since the interest rate is lower

Terry Says:  The first question is: who is “we”?  Is this a loan YOU (and your spouse) took out for your child?  Or is the loan in your child’s name?  I have written about a website, www.SOFI.com, that specializes in refinancing student loans for students who have income and a good credit rating.  That’s the place I would start if the loan is in the student’s name.  If it is a PLUS loan in your name, you are probably paying a much higher interest rate than you would pay on a home equity loan. Just remember that most HELOCs are “interest-only” payments —  and you could face a big balloon in a few years when rates may be higher.  It actually might be better to refi your mortgage now for 30 years, and take out enough equity to pay off that high rate parental loan.  Go to www.GuaranteedRate.com to check refi rates.



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