Ask Terry Questions College money running out

College money running out

By Terry Savage on January 21, 2023 | College Savings / Student Loans

Hi Terry I enjoy listening to you and John on Wednesdays it the highlight of my week . I’ll need 20.000 25.000 thousand for my daughters last yr of college I have heloc option to use or would you have another suggestion? Iv had enough $ saved to pay the first 3 yrs now I’m out ,
Thanks Terry
PS I hope you get a live show some day your the best .

Terry Says

Thanks for your note. Has your daughter applied for financial aid? Has she contacted the bursar’s office at her school and told them that her parents have “run out” of money? That’s the first step. If she has done well her first three years, she should contact them and tell them she doesn’t want to have to drop out just before graduation. They dont’ want that either!

They may give her a tuition break, a work-study program, or let her have free housing as a dorm rep. All of those possibilities should be explored first. she needs to be and feel desperate to convey this to the school.

As a last resort, I’d suggest a home equity loan over a Parent Plus loan, becasue the PP loans are so expensive. BUT, if your spouse isn’t working, let her/him take out the loan, so that after graduation you can get into an income-based plan that will lower the monthly payments.



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