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Credit card as a favor

By Terry Savage on October 16, 2018 | Credit/Debt

I applied for a credit card from a savings and loan. I did it as a favor for the teller. I said I would never use it. The cards came and I have never activated them. It has been a year. I would like to cancel but the savings and loan said it would hurt my credit. They said to just let it stay the way it is and eventually it will be closed.
What do you think?

Terry Says

That’s just ridiculous advice from the teller. You did her a “favor” and she got a bonus!

First thing: Check your credit report at to see if the card is listed there.
If it is, promptly contact the bank and tell them to cancel it. It won’t just “eventually be closed”! You need to take action. And since this is a recent and unused card it won’t impact your credit.

Banks are supposed to do fabors for YOzu, not the other way round!



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