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credit card debit from deceased family member

By Terry Savage on March 19, 2023 | Credit/Debt

I am the executor of my dad’s estate. His home sold at the end of February so I am in the process of settling his estate. He has credit card debit from 4 different cards totaling over $38,000. I’ve been told by many friends and family that I should not be responsible to pay those off since they cards were only in his name (my mom has been deceased for 15 years). My lawyer has a different opinion about that and said I need to pay them off. He said they will negotiate the debit. I need advice. thank you

Terry Says

This is unsecured debt. You are not obligated to pay them off. BUT the card company may decide to sue the estate. If the estate is closed and all the money is distributed, it is unlikely that they would pursue the executor personally! They’re just too busy!
If the estate is still open, and even after being presented with a death certificate, they decide to sue the estate, then you could discuss settlement. But usually a death certificate will stop them immediately from pursuing a collection.



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