Ask Terry Questions Credit Card debt collection

Credit Card debt collection

By Terry Savage on August 07, 2018 | Credit/Debt

I let a creditcard bill get away from during a divorce. It was sent to colections where I tried to negotiate a payment. I never received a payment negotiation. I was told it was too late. I next recieved a letter from a law firm and the local courts saying i had 20 days to respond to this debt or the repayment would be assigned by the court.

Terry Says

Well, here’s what they can do if it goes to court. They can garnish your wages if you are working. That’s a bad sign to send to your employer. But now that a lawyer has gotten involved it’s going to difficult to pay off this collection because they will add fees. You can go to court on that specific date and represent yourself. It would help if you would bring a certified check for at least the original balance. Then you can explain it to the judge. She may let you get away with paying only the original amount, or signing a note promising to pay fees and court costs. Don’t just bury this, or it will come back and haunt you.



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