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credit card debt in old age

By Terry Savage on January 14, 2022 | Credit/Debt

My husband has over 30,000 in credit card debt in his name only. He is 75. Should he file for bankruptcy or just continue to pay them monthly. He makes more than the minimum payments each month but they never seem to go down.

Terry Says

Of course they don’t go down, because the interest adds UP! I don’t know your entire situation, but it’s possible that he could negotiate the balance down. The companies that offer this service tell you to stop paying every month, and set money aside for their fees and to use as an negotiating ploy. But that ruins your credit and could impact everything from the cost of your car insurance to your ability to move into a senior residence!
I suggest you immediately call the National Foundation for Credit Counseling at 800-388-2227. That will connect you to their nearest local office. You can trust them. And they will review your entire situation and give you the best advice.

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