Ask Terry Questions credit card payments and your credit score

credit card payments and your credit score

By Terry Savage on July 15, 2019 | Credit/Debt

I use my credit cards for almost all purchases and monthly expenses (if no convenience fee is charged) to accrue rewards points but I pay the balance due in full every month by the due date. How do the credit agencies know I pay my balance in full if they take snapshots and there is always a balance (because the due date overlaps with the next cycle)? Do you need to pay the current balance (and not just the statement balance) to ensure a higher credit score? Also I make sure I stay way under my credit card limits.

Terry Says

No, that is absolutely not necessary.  If you are paying in full and on time every month, you are likely over 825 on your credit score. Have you checked lately?  Do so at  It’s easy and free and secure.



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