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Credit Card vs Personal Loan

By Terry Savage on October 13, 2022 | Credit/Debt

Need to raise funds for part of upcoming eye surgery that is not covered by Medicare or insurance. What area is better to pursue credit card or personal loan? Have heard personal loan has a lower interest rate. Please advise

Terry Says

Sounds like you’re having cataract surgery, and have opted for the more “sophisticated” form of lenses. You might want to reconsider that decision. Or opt for a fully paid for use of one lens for distance and one for reading. Not everyone thinks the costly lens was worth it!
So while I’m not a doctor, I’m listening to my friends. Get a second opinion.

Re credit card or personal loan — that depends on the rate charged by the card issuer. Find one that has a low rate at www.CreditCards.com. Check out personal loan rates at www.SoFI.com.



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