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Credit cards

By Terry Savage on October 26, 2023 | Credit/Debt

Any recommendations for a good credit card? I need a second card. I have no debt and have never carried a balance. Just want a back up in case something happens to my main card. Thank You! PS: I am a long term care Nurse and Medicare Advantage is a nightmare. Thank you for educating people and don’t worry about the nay sayers!

Terry Says

Aha — thanks for that note. I’m truly trying to awaken people to the nightmare of Medicare Advantage — IF you truly need care!

As for credit cards, you have plenty of choices if you have good credit. You’ll probably want a rewards card — one that give you points or miles for money spent. You can search for them at

Be sure to check annual fees, and percentage rates on balances, in case you have to carry a balance sometime.



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