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Credit cards

By Terry Savage on March 16, 2019 | Credit/Debt

My husband and I use an Amazon branded Chase Visa card for the majority of our expenses each month (around $9000). We pay it off in full and accumulate the “points” Amazon awards to purchase Christmas presents at the end of the year – it’s like having a “Christmas Club” account. We used to have a United branded Chase Visa card strictly for travel, to take advantage of free bags and free entrance into the United Club. The United card had a $400/year fee, we weren’t using it a lot and we cancelled it. What credit card can you recommend that has a low/no fee, and a low interest rate and maybe some travel benefits? Our credit score is in the high 700’s to low 800s. Thank you.

Terry Says

Sounds like you are doing pretty well in figuring out the best credit card deal for yourselves!  But if you want to compare rewards cards, go to either or (same parent company) — and put in your criteria for what you value most:  cash back, travel rewards, or other benefits vs costs and fees.



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