Ask Terry Questions Credit counseling help, please

Credit counseling help, please

By Terry Savage on December 03, 2016 | Credit/Debt

My wife and I have a large amount of debt with high interest rates. We've done money management debt consolidation before. Should we go the same route or is there anything else we can do to consolidate without ruining what's left of our below average credit?

Terry Says

I don't know who advised you on your previous debt consolidation -- but they didn't include any lessons about preventing a re-run of your experience.  I highly recommend that you contact the National Foundation for Credit Counseling at 800-388-2227.  Calling that number will connect you to the nearest local office of a member agency.  You can trust them to give you good advice.  Please do this before the holiday season -- as they will be jammed afterward (just like health clubs are jammed in the New Year as people start their diets!).



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