Ask Terry Questions credit freeze: extended?

credit freeze: extended?

By Terry Savage on December 27, 2017 | Credit/Debt

I have placed freezes with each of the 3 services. Do I need to extend these now as the 90 day period is coming close?

Terry Says

Great question!  The answer depends on your state of residence.   State laws govern the cost and timing of credit freezes.  Many states allow an initial credit freeze of only 90 days -- but this can be extended at the request of the consumer.  Other states require that the freeze remain in place until a consumer lifts it.  Anyone who froze their credit after the Equifax breach is likely coming up on the 90 day period. So you should check back with the three bureasu and make sure the freeze is extended if it is about to expire.   And you will likely want to extend it if required because your information needs to remain secure. Here is a link to an excellent article on where you can check your state's laws on credit freezes.



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