Ask Terry Questions Credit Freeze for Adult Disabled Son

Credit Freeze for Adult Disabled Son

By Terry Savage on April 06, 2024 | Credit/Debt

We’ve already froze ours and are trying to freeze our adult son’s credit, who has disabilities. Equifax supervisor on the phone said they are unable because he has never tried to get credit. Of course he has not, but I still don’t want someone to get credit in his name. They even have a form on their website titled “Incapacitated Adult Freeze Request Form” which we sent in along with all the documentation: SS card, guardianship papers, state ID, etc. We received a letter stating they are unable to locate a credit file. On the phone they said he has to have a credit file to freeze it. However, they will freeze minor’s credit, but refuse because my son is an adult. This policy has no logic and seems discriminatory toward those with disabilities. There are many of us families that are trying to do the right thing.

Experian already froze it for us and we have not yet heard back from TransUnion.

Terry Says

That’s interesting. I’m going to ask that question of Sharon Egan of When she answers, I’ll update this post.
And you might enjoy her website, since you’re being so proactive.

My own instinct is that you got an uninformed clerk at Equifax, and that you should call back, start over, and try again. Let me know what happens. I’ll be delighted to present this to them if they deny you — especially since Experian already did it!



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