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Credit Report

By Terry Savage on October 16, 2022 | Credit/Debt

During the Pandemic I placed a freeze on my 3 Credit Reporting Agency reports due to unemployment fraud submitted under my name at work. The freezes are still in place. We recently moved and I would like to update my address with these agencies. I tried to update online first with TransUnion but it appears that I have to provide/send 2 documents verifying my current address. Is that correct? Any easier way? If I do have to mail 2 documents – send certified mail? All 3 reporting agencies or does one agency suffice? The update became an issue when my husband opened / wanted to add my name on an online bank account and that bank (So-Fi) wanted to run an Experian credit check on my history (which I found strange but googled & found out that does happen) and asked me to release the freeze. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

Terry Says

Interesting. Is your name on the title to your new residence? Are you just renting? Your credit report should automatically reflect that you live at another address, once you start paying property taxes and electric bills.
Why not give it a few months, and it should automatically appear. If not, then send the required documents by certified mail. As you learned, you only need your PIN to release the freeze. And if you apply for new credit, use your new address and also put your most recent old address on the application.



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