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Credit report problem

By Terry Savage on September 26, 2020 | Credit/Debt

My mentally challenged sister was coerced into co-signing a loan by her abusive boyfriend in approximately 2012. The loan was for a truck driving course, which of course he said he would pay her back. He defaulted on the loan almost immediately, and left town. He is now in jail. My sister makes $10 an hour, 20 hours a week. She is a Type 1 diabetic on Medicaid. She can’t work anymore hour because she will lose her Medicaid benefits. She is currently in a transitional living program that she will graduate to having her own apartment. She has no money. She applied for an apartment, and was turned down because of this debt on her credit report. The two year program is almost over, she will have to find somewhere to live. She has no other debt, and credit score numbers are 729 (TransUnion), 763 (Equifax), and 797 ( experian). I manage her money. Is there some way of appealing to them to get this off her credit report? She has another interview for an apartment on October 2. I’m afraid she will lose this one too. She has worked hard to get her life back together, but I’m afraid she will end up in a shelter. Thanks for any help you can give us. Kathy Wester

Terry Says

You can write each credit bureau (names/websites are listed on right column of my website) and explain. But it could take a long time.
The real answer is pretty obvious. Take the apartment in YOUR name –= or if she is getting a special program offer to co-sign the lease, or put down a 3 month security deposit. And tell this story to the landlord in advance. (And let the landlord know it was MY advice!) Maybe that will help — especially if you are in the Chicago area.



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