Ask Terry Questions Credit reports and freezing credit

Credit reports and freezing credit

By Terry Savage on March 29, 2024 | Credit/Debt

I love your segments on WGN. I am confused. I just went into the three credit bureau websites to see if my accounts were still locked/frozen after a data breach notification a while ago. Equifax said it was locked. Experian said it was unlocked and it would cost $10 per month to upgrade the account to lock it. Transunion said my login information was incorrect so I changed my password, got into the account, was told I need to pay $25 per month to manage the account, could not determine if it was locked or not, logged out and immediately tried to log back in but was refused saying my login information was incorrect. I thought I read somewhere, or maybe you said, that if you lock one account they are all locked. Any thoughts on all this?

Terry Says

First of all, freezing your credit is FREE at all three bureaus.
Read this article and use the links within. If you have a problem, please write back.



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