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Credit Score/Report

By Terry Savage on March 07, 2014 | Credit/Debt

I have heard that Credit Karma is a reliable web site for a free credit score and report. I have not heard you mention them. Your opinion please.
Thank You

Terry Says:  Oh, but I have mentioned them, and recently.  Credit Karma is an excellent site, free (you don’t have to sign up for even a trail offer), a good place to get your score, and secure.  They also have good info on what goes into the various aspects of your score, so perhaps you can take steps to improve it.  The score you get is your Trans Union score, and also your Vantage score, which is a sort of combined score of the three major credit bureaus.  But the most widely used score by businesses is still the FICO score, available at, although you’ll have to pay for it — unless you have a Discover card, which gives you the FICO score free.



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