Ask Terry Questions Daughter with grandchildren moved back home with debt

Daughter with grandchildren moved back home with debt

By Terry Savage on January 26, 2016 | Credit/Debt

Divorced eight (8) years ago our daughter recently moved back home with my wife and I along with three (3) Grandchildren. Her former husband has paid no Alimony nor has he seen his children for the past five (5) years (his choice). After struggling financially for past five years and trying to make it on her own she is in debt $20,000.00 dollars. My wife and I are thinking of borrowing money to pay down her debt (and she would pay us back on a monthly basis). How can she/we handle this? Her former husband claims no income and the State has been unable to collect any money from him.

Terry Says:   First, let me say you are being very generous and loving in the first place to invite her back into your home with three children!  I have no doubt that you will also be paying for some of the groceries!  All in, that means that except perhaps for a cell phone bill and a car payment and expenses, she has very little overhead.  Instead of borrowing money to pay her debt, encourage her to get a job — any job — that will give her some kind of income so she can start over again.  That’s enough generosity.  It won’t take away her pride — or your retirement!  It’s a blessing that you have the room and energy to do all this!



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