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debt consolidation

By Terry Savage on May 14, 2017 | Credit/Debt

Can you give me the name or names of reputable debt consolidation companies? I greatly appreciate it.

Terry Says

Please do NOT go to a debt consolidation company!  This will ruin your credit for sure.  Here's what they do:  They tell you to not pay your credit card minimums, but instead direct the money into a fund (which they hold, typically) so that you can accumulate enough for them to "negotiate" with your creditors.  But by the time you do that, you have ruined your credit record -- and the accounts have gone to collection.  The collection agents may be willing to settle for less -- but your credit is ruined, as if you had gone through bankruptcy! Instead, please contact the National Foundation for Credit Counseling at 800-388-2227.  They can help you work through your problems.  If you just go through counseling it doesn't even go on your credit report.  If you enter their "debt repayment plan" it will impact your credit, but not nearly as much as these "consolidation " companies do.  Give it a try.



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