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Debt consolidation

By Terry Savage on September 07, 2021 | Credit/Debt

How do I go about fixing my credit score?
I wanted to consolidate my debt since my husband refuses to give me money at all, I lost my job, I have three kids and trying to get a divorce (not important info) I apologize. Whats the best and most affordable way to get rid if my debt?

Terry Says

Oh, that is ALL important information. You need to become independent. And you need an understanding of which debts are your responsibility. Do all that, before seeing an attorney about a divorce.

The place to get this kind of credit help is the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. Call 800-388-2227 to be connected to the nearest local office. You can trust them and it is typically free or very low cost.

Be prepared when you call. Make a list of all the bills that you know are outstanding. Get your credit report from just one of the three bureaus –totally free at www.AnnualCreditReport.com (you don’t have to sign up for protection services). It would also help if you had a copy of last year’s tax return. That’s because they need to know whether it’s HIS credit that’s messing up your credit!! (That means you’ll have to have his SS number too — especially if you have credit jointly and filed a joint tax return.)

So, even if you don’t have all these things, give them a call and get started today.



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