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debt counseling

By Terry Savage on December 15, 2013 | Credit/Debt

How do we find a qualified debt counselor or can you recommend a person or firm that specializes in debt counseling for individuals?

Terry Says:   I always recommend that you contact the National Foundation for Credit Counseling — the non-profit, national group you can trust.  If you call their toll-free number (always on the home page at 800-388-2227 — you will automatically be connected to the nearest local office.  You can discuss with them on the phone, or meet at their office.  If you just get advice, it does not go on your credit report.  If you enter into a repayment plan through them (they collect one check from you, disburse to your creditors, and get them to lower interest rates, reduce fees, etc) then it will be reported on your credit report.  But if you’re in deep enough that you really need to use their help for repayment, then it is better than having collections and defaults on your credit report. A payment plan shows that you’re trying to pay your debts.   Maybe you just need some counseling about your budget, and what/how to pay down your debt.  That’s the first step.  Take it!



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