Ask Terry Questions easiest or quickest way of rebuilding credit score

easiest or quickest way of rebuilding credit score

By Terry Savage on September 26, 2018 | College Savings / Student Loans

My wife & I work full time, have been fully employed since 1990, now each 50 yo. We own our home, have $150K left on house mortgage. Credit history revealed we have twice been late/delinquent on vehicle payments in last couple years, which is paid in full now. Were trying to assist our daughter as a co-signor for a student loan for her senior year of college and Sallie Mae has twice rejected our application. How can we repair our credit score to be eligible for a loan? Please & Thank you

Terry Says

I can’t imagine that just being late twice on a vehicle payment could ruin your credit to the point that you can’t co-sign a student loan. Are you sure that’s all it is? Try applying for a private student loan elsewhere and see what happens.
First read this article at about how private student loans are calculated.
Then go to to find the best deals on private student loans.

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