By Terry Savage on October 03, 2017 | Credit/Debt

I saw you on WTTW and put out a fraud alert like you advised and each agency got back to me stating that it will be on for 90 days. Equifax is suggesting that I should enroll in Trusted ID Premier. It is their company which will guard my credit report a no charge. Is this a wise choice after the breach they created?

Terry Says

It is completely ironic -- and I understand your hesitation.  After freezing your credit report -- which should last until YOU agree to lift the freeze -- you likely don't need monitoring.  But it's free -- until they get through this bad PR period, at which point they will likely start charging you! Be on the lookout for this, and at that point you can keep your freezes on and drop the monitoring! Just make sure you check your bank and credit card accounts online regularly for any fraudulent charges on existing cards.  You are 100% protected against fraud, but you should report it quickly.



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