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FAFSA and Divorced Parents

By Terry Savage on September 20, 2016 | College Savings / Student Loans

Hello, My 21 year daughter moved to her Dad's house in Florida in September of 2015 (I live in Illinois) and I claimed her on my 2015 tax return. She is applying to a state college in Florida for the fall of 2017, she currently goes to the junior college in Florida so I presume she will be claimed by her dad in 2016 as a dependent. My question is when she fills out the Fasfa on 10/1/16, will she use mine or her dads information? Both of us have remarried but I believe his income is less than mine since he is self employed. Thoughts??

Terry Says

This issue is so complicated, and I have written about it before.  It is like untangling spaghetti!  Here is a link to the best article on the subject.  It's on a great website, www.Finaid.org.  But click the blue link to go directly to the article.  And read it carefully!



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