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Federal Long Term Care Insurance Premiums Over Age 80

By Terry Savage on September 25, 2016 | Insurance

My husband and I have FLTC Insurance and have two questions relative to your column in the Santa Barbara News Press on September 4, 2016. He is over 80, and his premium was raised. What source do I use to challenge this? Also, I have a policy with a lifetime benefit period that I started in 2002. Does FLTC Insurance no longer offer this option, and if so does that mean that the class I belong to is a small class of aging beneficiaries to which no younger, healthier people are being added? Thank you for your consideration.

Terry Says

Let me try again to set this straight.  Many of you who are 80 or older wrote in to tell me that you had received premium increases.  So I went back to my expert, Phyllis Shelton who was in charge of introducing the Federal LTC program a decade ago.  And indeed, she was given wrong information by the government official she spoke with --and passed it along to me!   We are both terribly sorry for the error.  (The correct statement is that anyone who "takes out" a FLTCP after age 80 will not receive an increase.) In order to help those of you who are in that position, please email Phyllis directly at Phyllis@gotltci.com -- and she will do a personal review of  your situation and all your options and give you her advice about the best path to take.  We both hope this is a way of making lemonade out of some very sour lemoons!



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