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Federal Long Term Care Insurance

By Terry Savage on September 20, 2016 | Insurance

What was the source of your information regarding the number of federal employees who have participated in the government's long-term care insurance program? (9/4/2016 The Savage Truth)? The article opened with the figure "millions" yet the LTCI website states that enrollees totaled 273,052 in 2015.

Terry Says

You are correct. It was "offered" to millions of Federal employees!  Sadly, a relatively small amount took them up on the deal. And even with the rate increases, many of them will be very glad they have the program. Also, please note I posted a correction for the "over 80 did not get an increase" error, which was information given to me by my expert source, Phyllis Shelton.  The story should have said "no increase for anyone who took out a policy after reaching age 80" -- crazy, because who on earth would take out this insurance at that late age, especially Federal employees who can retire earlier! As "penance" Phyllis is taking a look at the offers made to those in the program, and giving them individualized advice on what option to choose, or how to rearrange the options that are presented by the government program.  You can reach her directly at Phyllis Shelton <phyllis@ltcconsultants.com>.  She was the one who introduced the program across the country nearly 20 years ago.



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