Ask Terry Questions Fidelity Credit Card Points redemption

Fidelity Credit Card Points redemption

By Terry Savage on May 13, 2017 | Credit/Debt

A while ago, we started using a Fidelity CC that accumulated points that could be rolled into an IRA account at Fidelity. We have been doing that for a while and it turns out that I cant roll over my benefits into either of the IRA accounts i have with them (one Simple IRA another Managed IRA). Any ideas on what i can do with these points? Many thanks. A huge fan! Al

Terry Says

Please double check the rules on your Fidelity credit card.  The current one offers a $100 bonus and a 2% cash back on all purchases -- and specifically says that those rewards can be deposited into an eligible IRA or brokerage account.  Perhaps your IRA is not eligible because you didn't have earned income this year in order to qualify?  I would check directly with Fidelity for a specific answer on this.  Please report back to me, because a I will surely be curious about the answer.



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