Ask Terry Questions Financial record keeping Mint or Quicken?

Financial record keeping Mint or Quicken?

By Terry Savage on May 18, 2014 | Credit/Debt

What are your thoughts on Do you recommend it?

Terry Says:   Absolutely, and I mention it in most of my personal finance speeches.  Quicken is great because it lets you pay bills directly from the program (or from your bank’s website and then download the information into Quicken.)  But Quicken “resides” on your home computer, where it is password protected. (You can download it from, where it will cost about $59, charged to your credit card.  It is very easy to set up.) is a “mobile ap” and resides on your smart phone. It is free — paid for by the ads you will receive for lower rate cards, mortgages etc.  You can’t pay bills out of Mint (yet) — but you can stay on top of all your spending, credit cards and bank balances.  It sends you text messages when you might be overdrawn — or going above budget limits that you set for each spending category.  You never have an excuse for “not knowing” or being late in paying bills. is so cool that bought them a couple of year ago!  Both are safe, secure, and extremely helpful tools in organizing your finances, budgeting, and tracking all your spending, as well as setting savings and investment goals.




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