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Health insurance

By Terry Savage on August 26, 2018 | Insurance & Annuities

I am 62 1/2 losing my cobra coverage at the end of August. Saw you on WGN talking about bridge policies thought they would be perfect for me since I don’t need maternity or mental health coverage and have no preexisting condition. When I contacted ehealth they connected me to gohealth or Some of the agents told me I could only get a 3 month bridge a longer term wouldn’t be available until October. Also there is an application fee each time you apply.So are there long term bridge available now and how do I find them? Also I have no income just my husband’s social security,interest and dividends but my 2017 tax return shows income from my prior employment will this effect me applying for ACA? Please help I don’t want to be without coverage! Thanks

Terry Says

OK, you are caught in a tough spot. You really don’t want to be without health insurance even for a short period at your age. You could apply for the three-month policy –and then hopefully you can renew it when they get the new, slightly longer-term policies up and running in October. (It has taken companies some time to get the extended policies approved.) These policies generally go into effect within a few days.

There IS another possibility. You can go to — and apply for an ACA policy that will cover you till the end of the year. Then in December you would have to apply for a new policy for 2019. This is not the enrollment period right now — but you have what is called a “qualifying event” — the loss of your COBRA. That means you qualify for an ACA policy under the “special enrollment period” exception. They can tell you the amount of the subsidy, and thus the amount of premium you will pay. It’s an easy online process –and they can connect you directly to a health insurance broker in your zipcode who will do the work for you at no extra fee. Try this first!



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