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Health insurance and ACA

By Terry Savage on November 25, 2017 | Insurance

I retired early at age 62 and need to choose new health coverage. I can get my employer's retiree plan for 3 years with a very high premium, or COBRA at a lower premium but only for 18 months. That would then push me towards ACA. With so much uncertainty about the future of ACA, what should I look at to make my decision? Thank you.

Terry Says

Wow -- this is a tough question.  A lot depends on your health and your wallet!  The employer plan will bridge you to Medicare, but expensively.  However, if you take the COBRA you will be shopping for a temporary short-term plan in 18 months.  If something happens to your health in between you might not qualify for a short-term policy.   Much as I hate to advise you to spend the money, I'd probably go with the employer's plan.   Or else, look for a part-time job that offers group health insurance through a small business.



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