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Health Insurance for Sole Proprietor

By Terry Savage on November 24, 2017 | Insurance & Annuities

Good day Terry, My wife (age 47) owns her own business selling agricultural land in southern CA and is currently is getting health care through the ACA paying full premium and no discounts. She has no employees. Are there any better financial options. We appreciated your Small businesses get a break on insurance article this morning 11.12.17 however, it appears that the breaks are geared to small businesses with at least one employee. Thank you, Steve

Terry Says

Yes, the small business must have TWO employees, though it can qualify for a policy even if only ONE person needs it.   Are you sure she isn't paying even a 1099 employee -- and has already made tax deposits for that person this year?  That must be done before December 15th, so she could apply for a policy by that date for her business.  At least, start planning along those lines for next year -- assuming the ACA is still with us!



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