Ask Terry Questions Healthcare enrollment when son reaches age 26

Healthcare enrollment when son reaches age 26

By Terry Savage on January 09, 2018 | Insurance & Annuities

My son will be 26 next July. He still lives at home, and has only been able to find part-time work at minimum wage. I am concerned that he will not be able to afford healthcare. Is he eligible for any subsidy or reduction in healthcare?

Terry Says

I'm assuming that you son is currently on your healthcare plan, and will remain on it until age 26 when he must get his own insurance.  At that point, he will have two choices.  He can go to the health insurance "marketplace" under "Obamacare" at and search for a policy with a subsidy.   He can do that just before he turns age 26, not waiting for the year-end open enrollment.  He will have a "qualifying event" -- allowing him to enroll at that time.  If he has low income, he will most certainly get a subsidy that will cover most of the costs. Or, if he is just waiting for coverage, he can get a temporary policy for less than a year at  That kind of temporary policy might have a lower cost because it is not required to give as much coverage . BUT, let me make a big point about something that was not part of your question.  You have a 26 year old son.  America has its LOWEST UNEMPLOYMENT RATE in 17 years!  Surely he can find a full-time job, with health insurance benefits.  Stop subsidizing your son's laziness.  Unless he has some kind of disability, this is the perfect time -- the New Year -- for him to find a job!



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