Ask Terry Questions Healthcare — spouse’s insurance plan won’t cover me anymore!

Healthcare — spouse’s insurance plan won’t cover me anymore!

By Terry Savage on October 23, 2014 | Insurance & Annuities

My husband & I both work full time & we have one child. We have my husband’s family plan insurance. Recently my husband’s company got bought out. The new company says starting in January 2015 if your spouse has insurance offered through their company they can not be insured in the family plan & has to purchase their insurance. This doesn’t seem fair & is going to cost us a lot more money. Can the new company specify this?

Terry Says:  Sadly, yes they can do this — and it’s becoming a trend — as companies try to cut their insurance costs.  Is there some reason you can’t use your own company’s plan?  If so, that might be a mitigating fact.  But if it’s just that your husband’s plan is more comprehensive, or less expensive, then you’re likely out of luck.  But you child can still stay on his plan.  And yes, this will make life more complicated!



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