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homeowners insurance online comparisons?

By Terry Savage on March 04, 2016 | Insurance

Do you have a recommended site to shop for homeowners insurance?

Terry Says:  There are actually a couple of sites that say they compare homeowners’ insurance prices.  Perhaps the best known is Netquote.com.  They say they compare from Progressive, State Farm, eSureance (Allstate), and Liberty Mutual among others.  And you might use this as a starting point.  But there are so many variables involved in homeowner’s insurance — things that impact the total cost — including deductibles, types of replacement coverage, need for an umbrella — that I think you might be better off shopping among at least two or three individual companies and getting quotes.  Then you can ask for discounts, for example if you have auto coverage with them, or if you are a senior citizen, or other special programs they might have — things that might not come up in an online search.  It’s old fashioned — but you may need to do this one by one!



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