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By Terry Savage on February 15, 2020 | College Savings / Student Loans

How in the world do people pay for college? I saved some, but not nearly enough. How do you go about getting loans. I make decent money but am in credit hell. I have a Senior in high school. Where do I start?

Terry Says

OMG! Talk about procrastinating — your child is a high school SENIOR and you’re just starting to think about this?? Seniors have already applied and are starting to get their admission letters!
1. Immediately talk with your high school guidance counselor. Explain your situation.
2. Look for low cost community colleges, so your child can live at home and save money. That would allow for an affordable start — and a future transfer to a four- year school, possibly with scholarship assistance.

3. Go to to learn about financial aid. The process started last October 1st!

WAIT— Does your child even want to go to college? Why hadn’t she/he discussed this with you??
Would a job be a better alternative, or a trade school?

Get going now — starting with a family discussion and a meeting with the high school college counselor. There is no reason your ineptitude should destroy your child’s chances at a better life.

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