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Identity theft? Received card I didn’t ask for!

By Terry Savage on September 23, 2022 | Credit/Debt

I rcvd today GO2 Bank debit card with a different name than mine – I am not part of this bank never signed up for this promotional offer. Obviously there was no due diligence done. I contacted customer service in the phillipinnes – they have no clue – they want to know my name – i refused to give – they put me on hold for corporate – I have no idea what to do – my personal credit is locked with all three bureaus so Im not worried but what should I do there is no response

Terry Says

This is an ongoing fraud technique. You shouldn’t have called — and glad you didn’t give them your name!
Glad your credit is locked. But do check your credit report at each of the three bureaus in coming months, just to make sure nothing slipped by.

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