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Identity Theft

By Terry Savage on May 13, 2013 | Credit/Debt

I recently gave a large retail store the last for numbers of my social security number for access to a cell phone account. I am very concerned that they now have access to any financial or other information.
Your suggestions / comments on this
Thank you Terry

SAVAGE SAYS: It’s pretty common for the use of your last four digits of your SS number to be used as an identifier. If this was a large company, I wouldn’t worry.? But here’s what you — and everyone — should do anyway to check your credit. Go to and get a FREE copy of your report from one of the three bureaus. You do not have to sign up for Identity Theft protection or any other service. This is the government-mandated site that will link you to each of the three bureaus.? You can get your report quickly and safely online (they ask historic personal financial questions that only you could answer correctly to authenticate the request). Then in a few months, check back and get another report from one of the other two bureaus. That will put your mind at rest.



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