By Terry Savage on June 08, 2021 | Wild Card & Pandemic Related

Hi Terry,
I filed for unemployment recently and received my papers, but also received a letter from IDES TRA Center for Determination of Entitlement to Trade Readjustment Allowances. The information on this letter is not mine and not sure why I got this. It says to contact them, but the number just rings and says your call can’t be completed try back. Do you know who I would need to contact, maybe by phone or email? Thank you!

Terry Says

How very typical of IDES to make this kind of mistake! Have you received any benefits yet? If this was just a mistaken item added to the mailing envelope, don’t try to contact them. They NEVER fix their own mistakes!
But if you aren’t getting your benefits in a reasonable time, try reporting it under identity theft on their site. That opens up an entire new set of problems as they can’t get their act together there and may stop the entire process of your benefits. So wait a while to see if your checks or direct deposits come through!



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