Ask Terry Questions Illinois SURS funds preservation during recession

Illinois SURS funds preservation during recession

By Terry Savage on May 18, 2024 | Insurance & Annuities

I’m retired from Univ.Illinois with a S.U.R.S. annuity. The recent contracted fund manager implied use of a system that minimized loss of principle during market downturns. Same effect was recently advertised on WGN 720: “No loss of retirement principle with 30% market downturns… Invest with us!”
How can this be? My UIC branch of SURS retirement board seems to accept this without debate. Is it legitimate or not?
(Thanks for decades of financial insight.)

Terry Says

It’s an equity-linked annuity — and these ads are so tempting I had to think twice about why I know they are not the right solution.  I think it’s time to write another column.  don’t do it till I can explain clearly, once again, how these make the financial services company rich –not YOU!!



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